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What is TELABY?

Telecommunication companies cope with very frequent changes in their networks. To provide the best possible level of services , a telco should be able to make automated tests of the telecommunication services they provide, which should be run either after changes in the network’s technologies or periodically, best based on with business agreed schedules.

Whether you're looking to optimize network performance, ensure compliance with industry standards, or enhance the quality of your telecommunications services, TELABY is your trusted partner. Join us in shaping the future of telecom through automation, precision, and innovation.


Automated testing services

Outdoor RF testing

Indoor RF testing

Testing after network updates

Voice, data, web app testing

Latency, packet loss and speed testing

Remote test execution

Unlock the Benefits of Automation


At TELABY, we understand the transformative power of automation. Our cutting-edge solutions empower your business with unparalleled advantages, from increased efficiency and cost savings to enhanced quality and precision. Explore a world of possibilities as we redefine success through automation for you.

Complete service coverage

Our services cover both mobile and fixed networks comprehensively, ensuring that operators have all their needs met in one place.

Full automation

With TELABY, you’ll experience the benefits of complete automation. Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to efficiency and accuracy.

Integration into CI/CD Cycles

Seamlessly integrate our solutions into your Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) cycles, streamlining your development and deployment processes.


We believe in keeping things simple. Our solutions are user-friendly and straightforward, making your experience hassle-free.

Customized monitoring

Tailor our monitoring services to your specific needs. Localize and configure monitoring to match the preferences and requirements of your operators.



Whether you have questions, require customized solutions, or simply want to explore how TELABY can benefit your business, our dedicated team is ready to assist you.

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Echoes of excellence

„TELABY’s network testing services provided us with invaluable insights into our network’s performance. They helped us identify and resolve issues swiftly, ensuring seamless operations. Highly recommended!”


“Working with TELABY was a game-changer for our organization. Their network testing services were thorough, efficient, and incredibly insightful. Thanks to their expertise, we were able to optimize our network infrastructure for maximum efficiency.”


“Choosing TELABY for network testing was one of the best decisions we made. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and quick turnaround time were commendable. Thanks to their services, we now have a robust and reliable network infrastructure in place.”


“TELABY’s network testing services helped us achieve a new level of reliability and performance in our network. Truly exceptional service!”